The Trophy Project

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CASE: The Trophy Project

DATE: 13 March 2013

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Undoubtedly the answer for the Trophy Project is “no”, due to the fact that the ship is broken!
The authors of this document in an analytical fashion argued mainly that behavioural, structural and organisational problems caused the company many problems when it came to selecting the Trophy Project.
These arguments are supported by many discussions focusing on issues such as behavioural problems and weak leadership and are then supported by making use of expert resources.
The document is then concluded with recommendations that the authors believe are necessary for the company to achieve organisational effectiveness and design.

Problem Identification
SWOT Analysis of the Trophy Project STRENGTHS | WEAKNESSES | 1. Well established company 2. Corporate Functional Structures in place | “Weaknesses” refer to the problems identified, that could lead to the risks mentioned under “Threat”. 1. Problematic matrix structure 2. Lack of proper strategy 3. Lack of leadership skills 4. Lack of communication 5. Lack of monitoring and controlling 6. Triple constraints out of balance 7. Project Management problems 8. Poor Management 9. Lack of proper procedures | OPPORTUNITIES | THREATS | “Opportunities” will lead to some of the recommendations that the author might make. 1. Generation of a formalized strategy: * Reviewing and implementing a functional strategic organizational matrix 2. Implementing a PMO


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