Strategic Leadership Practice

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Strategic Leadership Practice
1. The Relationship between Strategic Management and Leadership
1.1 Analyse the Concept of Managers as Effective Leaders
To understand the relationship between strategic management and strategic leadership, it’s useful to define the terms management and leadership. These terms are used interchangeably and often with very little attention paid to the roles implied by them.
Roles in management hierarchy are ‘Team Leader’ or ‘Supervisory’ positions and these positions are followed by ‘Management’, ‘Senior Management’, ‘Director’ or ‘Chief Executive’ positions.
All of the above roles could be described as leadership roles. It would be fair to say that the higher up the management hierarchy, the greater
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Strategy is a process and so must be dynamic and therefore needs managing. It also needs to be driven and it benefits from creativity. It is clear therefore that there are leadership and management roles required for an organisation to be successful in strategic leadership and management.
Recent approaches to strategy have focused on the needs of an organisation to adapt and anticipate changes in the business environment. In order to formulate a business strategy it is important to establish the purpose and scope of an organisation’s activities, the nature of the business it is in, taking into account the environment in which it operates its position in the market place and the competition it faces. A strategy can be prescriptive whereby it follows a specific model or it may be emergent where it gradually develops into a strategy.
In the current climate of recession and economic cutbacks it is becoming increasingly important that organisations operate in a much leaner way. One way in which leaders can do this is to deploy all of the skill and potential that its organisation possesses. Equally important in strategic planning is consideration of the type of leadership required to guide organisations through specific


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