The Impact of Project Management in Information Systems

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1. Introduction

The explosion in the computing field in the last twenty years forced the organisations to be computerised for achieving most of their operations using Information Technology (IT) systems. The implementation of the systems requires a management program for the IS applications development.

Susan Brock (2003) supports that as the data into valuable corporate information has become more viable through information technologies, the application of IT based projects has risen too (Susan Brock, 2003). The organisations use Information System Projects for either updating, or either upgrading or changing the existing system in order to meet users or customers’ requirements.

It is supposed that the tools and techniques used in such
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➢ Recommend the termination of the project if necessary. ➢ Take role of the communicator between the project board, senior management and project team. ➢ Select, manage and control subcontractors. ➢ Give permissions about the internal and external resources decided to be used in the project. ➢ Face and solve any problems or conflicts during the project’s process

Generally, the project manager in an IS project has to create a product usually a new IS system incorporating hardware and software. As it stated above project manager should go through a difficult role to achieve the project’s objectives, however some skills are required in order to be a successful project manager such as:

▲ Leadership: project managers must be able to stimulate action, progress and change. ▲ Technological: project managers need to have a clear idea and accurate perception of the technical requirements of the project so that business needs are addressed and satisfied. ▲ Evaluation and decision making: project managers should have the ability to take serious decisions and evaluate alternatives. ▲ People Management: they should be able to motivate, enthuse and be optimistic with their project teams in order to meet projects’ requirements and goals. ▲ Planning and Control: they should be monitoring progress against the plan and taking any necessary corrective actions and decisions


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