Multi Projects Inc Case Study

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CASE: Multi Project Inc. (Multi projects strategic objective realisation through organisational structure, culture, and succession planning.)
DATE: 07/06/2013
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Multi projects Inc is one of many project-oriented companies developing and expanding market share in a multicultural environment (Valentine, 2006: 130, Onea, 2012: 123). The success of any project-oriented company depends on the balance of the project teams that are able to do all the work related the many project activities (Dumitru, 2010: 186). However, this is not the only factor that determines the success of a project-oriented company. The dynamic interaction and expectations of multiple stakeholders, the organisational environment, and effective resource utilization all affect the efficiency of a project and also the success of a project-based company (Zekić, & Luka, 2012:37). Zekić, & Luka (2012:37) define the project efficiency as the speed and harmony of information, financial and material flow; and the effectiveness as the degree to which the primary project objectives are achieved (Zekić, & Luka, 2012:37). Multi Projects Inc is expanding its customer base and maintaining an effort to achieve maximum project effectiveness, yet the project delivery efficiency is lagging behind in both learning and growth, and internal processes. The successful growth of a company depends greatly on the realization of business strategies, policy, and company objectives (Živojinović, &


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