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CHAPTER I The Problem This chapter discusses the background, objectives, significance of the study, scope and limitations, data gathering process and the research design and methodology. 1.1 Background and Rationale of the Study
Airsoft is one of the newest and fastest growing sport in the Philippines. It is somewhat similar to paintball in that your primary goal is to shoot your opponent with an air-powered weapon but that is where the similarities end. Most paintballers play in small field with brightly colored flashy uniforms. Airsofter's on the other hand prefer MilSim (Military Simulation).

Devised to be an example of combat sports that required relatively little preparation but was capable of entertaining participants
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Airsoft Enthusiast. Establishing an airsoft adventure park is conducted for the increasing number of airsoft enthusiast as it slowly becomes known to be one of the exciting sports in General Santos City. These enthusiast points out to those who are within the locality and those who are foreign.
Security organizations, Law enforcements and para-military trainers. This study will help them and their participants in their needed strengthening and to improve their endurance as to which the study is related for the services it offers.
Companies with large number of employees. This service offered in this study connotes that it can help team – building with in group members and can also serve as an incentive to the employees.
Residents in Conel, General Santos City. The putting up of this establishment will make the area a tourist spot and the residents can make a living in anyway related to the needs of the visitors who wish to avail of services of the said study.
The City office of General Santos. The city government is cited to benefit from the study with the taxes the business can contribute. Airsoft Adventure Park is not just an ordinary gaming area; with the facilities it has, this makes a distinction and call for its uniqueness. 1.4 Scope and Limitations This study is focused on Establishing an Airsoft Adventure Park in Conel, General Santos City. The data gathered for the study will be from Lagare


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