Operation Management at Ups

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Operation Management at UPS
Katina Taylor
FSJC Jacksonville

Operation Management
Michael Neff
December 1, 2012


This paper will discuss the different operation management policies and leadership practices at United Parcel Services (UPS), one of the premier shipping companies in the world. This paper will discuss the growth and different training programs that UPS offers to its managers and employees. It will also review the way external and internal works, failures of operation and how to anticipate a problem that UPS deal with on a daily day, UPS links millions of organizations and individuals together, by delivering an average of 15 million packages
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UPS was recognized for performing at the highest possible level for the past twelve months. Two areas UPS excelled in were on time delivery and quality performance with zero shipped defects
Critical Points of Failure at UPS
Whatever your shipping requirements, UPS Express Critical provides a wide range of value added services to arrange the proper equipment and vehicles necessary to get your shipment to its destination on time. We offer a variety of specialized equipment and flexible service options to meet your domestic or international freight needs.
Anticipate Problems
Getting through customs can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. We track customs-related regulations and tariffs so that you can ship confidently. You'll know that you have up-to-date information, with broad real-time visibility into your shipments. You'll be able to anticipate and address problems, expediting shipments across borders. And you'll have a competitive advantage because logistics powers efficiency and productivity.
Future of the Operations
United Parcel Service is thinking ahead and has announced its plan to spend $1 billion on technology that is geared to make the company operations more efficient. The technological investments are also to support a more eco-friendly company and are set to save UPS billions of dollars in the future.
UPS CIO Dave Barnes stated in an interview that his job is to look 10 years into the future in order to prepare the company as a whole for what is


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