Memorial Hospital Case Study

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Memorial Hospital Case Study

Memorial Hospital Case Study uses a series of communication between different level and functional hospital employees to paint a picture of how this hospital operates. This paper will analyze and summarize key characteristics underlining the organization structure, management style and leadership, identify major challenges and recommend workable solutions.



14 department heads report to the president directly. “Coordination between us and other departments seem to be more serious problem then coordination between shifts of nurses.” is raised in a nurse meeting. These are two indications that Memorial Hospital has a silo type of divisional organization structure.
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“Central supply fouled up by not sterilizing the instrument; the surgeon fouled by failing to diagnose the infection that resulted: and the nurses fouled by not keeping a close enough watch on Fillerey to see that he was going sour that night” was the analysis of Mr. Fillerey’s unnecessary death root causes. A perfect storm, if you well, underlined a series of errors and the failure to detect the errors by multiple layers of operation. A closer look at how to improve the eco system within Memorial Hospital is the second major problem I like to address.

Management style – X style direct management is not suited for Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital is too large and complicated for the president to manage directly. How to design a proper delegation with matching authority, accountability and responsibility is another major problem to solve.

Leadership – focus on decision making

The worst could happen when a retail store makes a wrong decision is loosing money. When a hospital makes a less than perfect decision, patients’ life could be in danger. Therefore, it is totally unacceptable for the hospital leaders to make decisions based mostly on consensus and convenience instead of determining what is the best for the patients. The recommendation in this paper will focus on decision making due the critical nature


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