Orlando International Airport - Case Study

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The reason for existence for any organization is the production of goods and services. Therefore, operations play a central role in any organizations because it produces goods and services. To better understand the meaning of operations we must examine organizations functions and distinguish the relationship between them.
All organizations have marketing, accounting & finance and products / services development functions. These functions are known as major which are supported by human resources, purchasing and engineering support functions. Thus, organization functions have activities which are somewhat interrelated in a way which makes it complicated to identify operation function boundaries. To
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In addition, check in counter is another example of micro operation and maintenance unit is also micro operation unit. Macro operation and micro operation are functioning within a process hierarchy. This hierarchy is the structure which defines how those various micro operations are functioning and how they perform their task to achieve the overall goal of the macro operations. Having this hierarchy helps top management to pin point any issues that may affect the operations quality. This means that top management can easily identify and quickly resolve any problem by examining this hierarchy.
All in all, operations add value to any organization by providing a devoted operation function to arrange organization’s resources. Also it provides operations management and managers to implement plans and protect rules and responsibilities. At Orlando’s international airport, operations director has a major role in supervising and coordinating with various departments to support the overall operations function. He is identifying business needs and establishing processes to make the airport functional. He is also passing decisions and managing resources as well. He is also planning and testing business processes which are necessary to achieve success. Orlando’s international airport is successful because it keeps firm procedures and policies which are being tested and improved to accommodate changes in


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