Penang Mutiara Case Study

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1. Introduction
Penang Mutiara is made up of a 285 sq km island and a 760 sq km strip of coastal land strategically located on the north-western coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Penang Island is linked to Province Wellesley on the mainland by the Penang Bridge and a 24-hour ferry service. The island derived its name from the betel nut palm commonly grown here. While Mutiara is the literal Malay translation of “Pearl of the Orient”.
Heralded as one of the most luxurious hotels in South-East Asia. Owned by Pernas-OUE of Malaysia and managed by Singapore Mandarin International Hotels. Penang Mutiara wants to give to its customer the quality of service. And it also wants to give everything what its guests’ wants and needs.
Penang Mutiara’s
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b) Utilize the internal strategies to ensure the quality of service and low costs of operations c) Gain new customers through the business expansion. d) Gain incentives and wider audience from its tie-up with Malaysian Tourism. e) Build a long term relationship to its new and old customers. f) Bank on technology for a faster way of customer booking and reservation and accurately rating employees through the Statistical Process Control (SPC).

5. Areas of consideration a) Training and development of staff b) Planning & Staffing c) Marketing & Service innovations d) Operations and management improvement e) Benefit Package for employees f) Floor Control g) Feedback system h) Internal Communication

6. SWOT analysis and Alternative courses of action INTERNAL
| STRENGTHS | WEAKNESSES | | 1. A-List Hotel | 1. Small Manpower | | 2. High-quality service | 2. Lack of long-term plans | | 3. Multi-skilled employees | 3. weak advertisement | | 4. Very relaxing atmosphere | 4. Accessibility (Direct Transportation) | | 5. Stylish and top class facilities | 5. Temporary staff | | 6. Service Oriented | | | 7. Dependable Staff and Management | | | 8. Location | | | 9. Financially-stabled company | | | 10. Fiscally unconstrained when it comes to service | | | 11. Flexible in Operational work |