Quality Management in Bank Muscat

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Quality Management in Bank Muscat

“’Quality is the degree of excellence, which a thing possesses”. Rowland-Jones & O’Brien (2005, p201)

1.0 Introduction
In this assignment I am concerned about maximising the level of quality in Bank Muscat and the way of keeping the promise of meeting the standard that are reached and gave to customers and the people with whom company is dealing. It is easy to reach a specific standard but it is difficult to keep to that level especially with the different competitions that are faced from different factors such as other commercial banks in Oman and the International Standard of Organization (ISO). 1.1 An overview of BankMuscat(Sample Organisation)
BankMuscat assets are worth over USD 8.5 billion,
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With the war effort, many young operations managers were encouraged and able to experiment with methods for improving quality and productivity.
The quality gurus and their ideas on quality

Philip Crosby Quality is free - the optimum is zero Defects
W. Edward Deming Deming’s 14 points. How to use statistics.
Armand Feigenbaum Total quality control
Kaoru Ishikawa Quality circles and cause and effects diagrams
Joseph Juran Quality as fitness for use, rather than conformance to specification
Genichi taguchi Loss function. Minimise variation
Shigeo Shingo Poka - Yoke system and zero quality control
Yoshio Kondo Creativity vs. standardisation, continuous improvement

Source: Rowland-Jones & O’Brien (2005, p217

W E Deming concluded that to develop better quality to satisfy customers' needs (or, more correctly, to improve quality standards), a constant rotation should be made between the activities of the company with the object of quality improvement paramount. This process became known as the Deming wheel or Deming cycle. The process begins with a study of the present situation, during which data are collected to be used in formulating the details (the PLAN) of the improvement. When the plan is finalised, the improvement is implemented (the DO). After implementation, a follow up is made to confirm that expected improved