Serve Now Case Study

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Tamkin Amin
M1A1 Short Paper: Serve Now
BUS 501: Improvements at ServeNow
Professor Terry Conry
March 10, 2015

The key problem that is described for this case “Improvements at ServeNow" involves the management practices of Mr. Bushley, who has been too busy to standardize a training program for his management team, and has no potential successors for the 4 mangers he is losing to entrepreneurship and retirement. Faced with this challenge, he has hired a consultant to assist with this transitional period and plan for better training and effective communication in the future. Mr. Bushley says that he does not have time or experience to help alleviate the situation. The use of technology for training and communication
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(Dunlop, 2008) This should also be documented in the ServeNew intranet. Mr. Bushley has an opportunity now to also invest in an information technology group in order to remotely assist with any technological issues via computer, as well as install the ability for Mr. Bushley to remotely communicate if help is needed regarding emergencies, reports or other issues. During the initial phases of hiring his new group of managers, Mr. Bushley should establish a good sense of what kinds of communication will be used to stay in contact with him and each other, such as cell phone, tablet or PC with video conferencing capability, in order to report statuses, give remote training, share files. Task management programs can also help the new managers stay abreast of any development projects that they plan during the initial brainstorm. (Griswold, 2013)
Recommendations and Conclusion
My general recommendations for Bushley are to maintain regular communication with his new managers and his stores and collaborate with his managers as a group to establish new processes for operations management while documenting within the intranet. The new managers will be chosen based on their previous experience in the kind of situation ServeNow is experiencing and will be responsible for constant collaboration and communication with each other to work together and create a productive and efficient workflow that can be


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