Charismatic Theology

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Research Paper
“A Select Issue in Contemporary Theology: Charismatic Theology."

THEO 510-C03 LUO (Fall 2012)

Survey of Christian Doctrine

Dr. Eunice Abogunrin, Professor

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Carol H. Montgomery (ID# 24993689)

November 11, 2012



This research paper will show that biblical referred to as glossolalia; the ability to “speak in tongues” is fiercely debated. While the Bible gives clear examples of genuine glossolalia, which will be examined later, the modern debate centers around the need or not, nature, importance, and usage of
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Both sides of the argument use scripture from the Bible to justify their means. In the grand scheme of things, whether or not the spiritual gifts are for today is not a salvation issue.
Therefore, we should be gracious when it comes to debating this issue. In Romans 14:5, Paul wrote, “One person regards one day above another, another regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind.” (New American Standard Bible, 1960) As you can see, the Bible leaves room for debate and the differences of opinion when it comes to the non-essential doctrine. The issue of whether the charismatic gifts is still around is still an issue that needs to be debated or not and needs clarity from both sides of the argument. This is not an issue to divide the church over but many of them unfortunately have chosen to make this an issue. It is believe in that the charismatic gifts are still in use today.
On New Year’s Day, 1901, a group of students under the direction of Professor Charles Fox Parham sought baptism with the Holy Spirit. More specifically, these students sought evidence of this baptism with the accompanying sign of glossolalia.
One of Parham’s students, Agnes Ozman, claims to have spoken in “tongues” after Parham prayed and laid hands upon her. After this, several other students claimed to receive the gift and began speaking in tongues.
This event is sometimes referred to as the birth of Pentecostalism. Sixty years after this event,


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