Third Party Mediation in Conflict Resolution

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The contemporary international system has witnessed dramatic increases in numerous conflicts. Specifically, of the six continents in the world, not even one is immune to one form of violent conflicts or the other. Of all efforts to explain the causes of these conflicts, a growing body of research findings highlights the association between economic deprivation and conflict. (Gurr 1970; Elbadawi 1992; Collier and Hoeffler 1998; Stewart 2002; Deiminger 2003; Justino 2004).
Thence, circumstances of gross economic denial, together with social, political, and environmental factors precipitate conflict.
Third party mediation in Conflict Resolution has gained a considerable
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Fink (1968:456), defined conflict as a ‘situation or process in which two or more social entities are linked by at least one form of antagonistic psychological relations or at least one form of antagonistic interactions.’ Thus, the variables in this definition are psychological antagonisms and antagonistic reactions. The former involves such things as incompatible goals, mutually exclusive interests, emotional hostility, factual or value dissensions and traditional enmities; and the later that is antagonistic reactions, range from the most direct violent and unregulated forms of mutual interference. According to Coser (1956), conflict refers to struggle over values and claims to secure status, power and resources, a struggle in which the aims of opponents are to neutralize, injure or eliminate rivals. Going by these definitions, it is clear that conflict is a phenomenon that is inherent in every society. Nevertheless, a civilized society will emerge when it is far less susceptible to conflict, and it is able to resolve its generic factors with ease and fewer burdens. For this reason, civilized societies device means of resolving conflict.
It is noteworthy to understand that even though conflict may be seen as a threat to peace, it is not all conflicts that are threat to peace. For instance, Aja (2007) argued in favour of what he termed functional or constructive conflict. According to him, conflict is functional or constructive


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