Nursing Career Development

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Brandy's Personal Career Development Plan

I. Personal Goals a. Long Term Goals i. My long term goal is to obtain my Master of Science degree in Nursing. This goal will be accomplished by January 1, 2015.

ii. My long term goal is to obtain a position at a hospital as Nurse Practitioner. This goal will be accomplished by June 1, 2016.

b. Short Term Goals

i. My short term goal is to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at Jacksonville University. This goal will be accomplished by October 15 2014.

ii. My short term goal is to finish 20 credits of study by March 31, 2013.

II. Mentor: Melissa Iglesias, NP

Melissa Iglesias works under an internal
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Another advantage to becoming a nurse practitioner is that they may even be able to set up clinics and practice their profession independently.

ii. Cons The drawbacks to becoming a nurse practitioner are the irregular hours, long hours, and night shifts that must be endured. The nurse practitioner usually has to go above and beyond what their call of duty may be. The nurse practitioner must endure the added stress of prescribing medications and other tasks that are usually designated for physicians. The type of work involved is often mentally and emotionally demanding and requires a strong minded individual and clear head at all times.

iii. Liabilities

The question of insurance coverage for professional liability will depend on several factors, including the employer, work setting, scope of practice, and state requirements. Every nurse practitioner should review the malpractice insurance coverage offered by his or her employer to ensure that it covers all practice and procedural activities within their scope of practice. If not, the NP has the option to purchase additional malpractice insurance or work with the employer to re-evaluate certain aspects of practice. For NPs working in a private practice, it is important to ask to be a ‘named insured’ on the employer’s policy, and determine whether or not there are any limitations on practice coverage.

Some states require that all advanced


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