Green Mountain

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GREEN MOUNTAIN CAMP: ITS MORE THAN A SUMMER JOB Case Summary: Nick and Carol Randall purchased Green Mountain Camp in Vermont to live out their dream of raising their two boys in a summer camp. But the camp was not all that it seemed to be, and it took extensive repair work to bring the physical facilities up to code. Now Nick and Carol are faced with a more daunting task hiring new employees. They want to hire people who will be motivated to stay with the job for more than one summer, and although they cant offer much in the way of salaries and benefits, they are promising their new employees a welcoming positive atmosphere with opportunities for forming new camp programs, social time, and more comfortable accommodations. so Candidates …show more content…

They could also include increasing expectancies of the camp, what could help make the camp a better place. Getting the employees input and ideas on issues about the camp and what the employees are trying to achieve by working here.

Discussion Questions: 3. In what ways might the empowerment of camp staff affect the success of the camp?
Suggested Response: Consider the answer given to Question 1 above. If camp counselors contact their campers during the off season, the campers are going to be likely to believe that someone cares about them, and that will make them feel good about going to the camp. If they feel good about going to the camp, they will come back the following year, and they may bring a friend with them. As the cycle continues, the camps customer base will grow, as will its profitability. 13-3

Empowerment of camp staff can impact the success of the camp by making the staff feel important. When people feel important it makes them feel good about themselves and when people feel good about themselves it shows and other people around them notice their good spirits. Also, self-determination can impact the success of the camp. When staff is determined to get something done or to teach the children something new is has a big impact on the camp. The children will tell their friends and parents how much fun they had at the camp and how they can’t wait to go back next year etc. that it might get new children interested in going to the same


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