Vission, Mission and Nursing Philosophy

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Vision, Mission and Nursing Philosophy
Mercedes Condom RN
University of Phoenix
NUR 588

Every health care organization in the United Stated has a mission statement and a vision. We also can say that the mission and vision guides the organization purpose of service and practice. This is also true for colleges and universities. We also have an understanding that creating a philosophy that supports the values of the organization is essential. Therefore, when the project is in the formulation state, the members have to clear understanding of their own beliefs and value. Baptist Health of South Florida mission and vision statement are in nature related to helping our community
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We cultivate a framework for developing nursing care practices that are based on the best available evidence. We believe in an interdisciplinary collaboration and consultation in the promotion, restoration, maintenance and rehabilitation of the patient / family and significant others (BHSF 2014). They are many reasons why a hospital would develop a nursing philosophy. Nursing practice philosophy gives the nurse a good overall understanding of the facility practice nursing environment. Because nurses come from so many different backgrounds and educational levels, the hospital nursing philosophy aid in setting clear standards of care for their patient’s. In comparison with Phoenix University philosophy, BSHF is based in patient care theory style. The university philosophy clearly educates the individual about the curriculum and the flexibility of the educational needs of the individual in regards their career needs. Here is the philosophy of Phoenix University, Our Philosophy
Our core goal is to meet the needs of working and underserved students by giving you the chance to earn your college degree. Flexible scheduling, faculty with real-world knowledge and a consistent and effective curriculum design help make higher education accessible to everyone (University of Phoenix 2014). The BSHF philosophy is based on the frame work of Jean Watson’s theory. The focus of the philosophy is to ensure we provide the ultimate care for our patient