Illegal Immigration and Crime

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Illegal Immigration


The relationship between illegal immigration and crime is an extremely controversial and politically fueled issue. Both immigrations and crime are perceived as threats to public safety and illegal immigrants are easy targets for blame by society. This holds true in he City of Costa Mesa and in Orange County as a whole. Specifically, the Costa Mesa Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff Office has implemented policy to check the immigration status of individuals arrested for serious crimes.
This policy has an affect, most notably, on the large Hispanic community living in Costa Mesa and the greater Orange County area. Many community social services agencies are caught in the middle of
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“We’re not interested in doing immigration raids or tracking down good people who are undocumented. We’re going after people who are identified in criminal and terrorist activity,” according to Jaramillo.
Many groups appose the plan to train local law enforcement officers in enforcing immigration laws. These groups include many community activist, Latino leaders, law enforcement officials and political officials. Latino activist believe this policy will lead to racial profiling in which Latino community members will be singled out, stopped and investigated for being in the country illegally. The larger fear is that undocumented persons will no longer come forward and report criminal activity or provide information to law enforcement officials out of fear of being deported.
Representative Loretta Sanchez, a democrat from Garden Grove, is among many who are warning that this plan of empowering officers to enforce immigration laws will strain relations in immigrant communities. Sanchez reports “cops have told us over and over that they don’t want to do the work or immigration agents. They don’t have enough resources to do their jobs as it is and they don’t need the extra duty of being an immigration enforcer.” Sanchez also


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