Nursing Leadership Health Policy

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Nursing Leadership Health Policy Paper
Shoba Jacob
Grand Canyon University
Ethics, Policy and Finances in the Health Care System

Nursing Leadership Health Policy Paper
Professional growth and maintaining competencies mainly in knowledge and skill in the field of nursing is very important. Nurses needs to be updated with the current scope and standards of nursing practice. One of the important characteristics of any profession is the accurate educational preparation which can be achieved with the interest of the individual and funding. Every nurse is responsible for the professional growth (Association, 2001)
Purpose for a Policy Change
Education is important, it is the base for gaining knowledge and wisdom. It is an
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23). As per 5.2 of code of ethics which is, one of the important points is encouraging professional growth and maintenance of competence is. It is one of the requirements and policy of ANA as per code of ethics; that nurses should have professional growth in knowledge and skill, and commitment to lifelong learning such as continuing education, self-study, certification and seeking advance degree (Association, 2001, p. 23). When ANA emphasizes the importance of professional growth it is very important and essential for the institutions, federal and state to encourage nurses for their professional growth by supporting them financially. The tuition fees is really very high. The salary what the nurses earn is not enough to pursue their career; even if they do overtime it will still not meet the requirements and will be a physical abuse for the nurse.
Presentation of the legislative process for state An appeal would be presented to the state through the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) with the signatures of the nurses from the health facilities all over the district stating the concerns of the nurses that is lack of funds to pursue career. Nurse Managers who cannot afford to pursue their career due to financial problems and who wish to advance their education are also included to sign the appeal. This helps the


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