Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Nursing Theories Processes
Submitted January 26, 2010

Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Belief is the reflection of values that guides one to plan and set goals in their personal and professional Life. With this in mind, and that caring is the essence of nursing practice, my career path goals were outlined and focused on concept of education , health and care. My perspectives and beliefs about nursing as a profession have been gradually developed throughout the years by the influence of many, mentorship, education and by long years of clinical experience.
Nursing. Nurses help and care for the sick or well, and promote health with skills, expertise and knowledge. The American Nurses
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My father was very sick for a long time and very often I would go with him to the hospital for doctors’ appointments or just to the emergency room. During those times my heart would go to those sick people lying down on the ground outside the hospital waiting for an available doctor or a nurse to see them, and, most of the time it would not happen so soon. Some of these people would stay for a day or two in the heat, hungry, thirsty, dirty and in pain. Against my mother orders, (because we did not have much), I started to bring food, and water to those people and I would apply butter to their wounds to keep them wet ( I had seen the old women in the farm doing it). When I really decided to go the nurse school, I was not sure about it. I told my mother that would try it because I did not want to be anything back then. Once I started nursing school, I was totally in love with it. Indirectly, my father led me to my current career path that I feel fulfilled me as a professional.
Current Career Path. I have been a nurse for six years. Since my graduation, I have been working as a telemetry nurse/charge nurse. But through these years I have been working in all med/surg floors, step-down ICU and ER. I like cardiology the most. It is a fast pace unit and can be very challenging. In this unit I am able to advise and encourage patients on health maintenance and disease prevention, and that I work with a team


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