Mkt/421 Week 4 Individual Assignment

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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Marketing /421

As a marketing manager for Cruiser Thorr who sells high end motorcycles. This organization is growing at a rapid pace. Indeed there is more structure needed to the marketing piece to sustain a successful business. Being that the industry of motorcycles is increasing annually. This organization must also work to satisfy the needs of their target customers. The organization must also work to differentiate themselves from other similar organizations as well. Key components in my opinion are the product uniqueness, safety, quality
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The overall spending
I thought was sufficient total the amount of 11.969. I thought financial services, sponsor events such as Daytona, offer insurance protection plans, offer free test rides and provide a giveaway. Would encourage customers to buy and offer them a chance to test out products before the decision is made to buy. Moreover I thought that the having dealers who were trained was an asset to selling. As well as having showrooms that showed of the new motorcycles. The internet usage is essential within today’s technology to track other competitors business. Club membership is exclusive to loyal customers and having customization would add to the uniqueness. Overall my results were a roaring success; despite my choices to enhance the motorcycle were too high.
The relationship between differtiation and positioning of product service
Relationship between differtiation and positioning of products relate to the uniqueness and the anticipated need to the minds of their customers. The marketing has a great deal to do with the positioning and what is used to identify the needs of customers. This process allows you to view what is needed and all possible decisions that is needed for the organization. Surely this will help to save the market share as well. Competitors have to work to stay in completion and even stay one step ahead of other similar organizations. Both are essential to organizing areas within the