Case Studies on Academic Integrity

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Enabling strategies enact academic integrity policy. Without long-term, sustainable and practical support resources, a policy will not be enacted, no matter how well it is articulated.

The cases in this resource cover a range of academic integrity issues in Australian universities with application for a wider audience. These case studies have been developed by the Academic Integrity Standards Project.

“…I suspect that every senior manager needs to have some training in the issue of academic integrity principles. I learnt mine on the job, so I think that needs to be worked through so that the policy and the implementation and the people who have that power understand those principles …So I think the case study models really useful.
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* Copy of university academic integrity policy, and procedures. * Separate PowerPoint for facilitator based on 1 or 2 hour session. * Two resources at * “Research-Writing: Learning a writing skill and thereby avoiding plagiarism”; and audio-narrated version of this text: * “Avoiding Plagiarism – Achieving academic writing”
The case

An international English as an Additional Language student has difficulty understanding why copying text is not appropriate scholarly practice.

A lecturer at an Australian university interviews a student (Hua) during stage 1 of following up an academic integrity breach. She is an international student, in her second year of a Bachelor degree. Her written English is comprehensible but marked by non-idiomatic expressions and grammatical errors that characterise writing examples of students at an International English Language Test Score (IELTS) level of 6. However, there are several paragraphs that are written in perfect academic prose with sophisticated word choice and sentence complexity, that clearly indicate to the lecturer that these passages are not the student’s own writing.

The lecturer points to one of these paragraphs
Lecturer: This is not your own writing, is it?
Hua: Yes it is.
Lecturer: But you took it out of a book, didn’t you?
Hua: Yes I did.
Lecturer: Then it’s


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