Factors Influencing the Adoption of Mobile Banking

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Factors influencing the use of Mobile Banking:
The case of SMS-based Mobile Banking offered

Mobile banking is an application of mobile computing which provides customers with the support needed to be able to bank anywhere, anytime using a mobile handheld device and a mobile service such as text messaging (SMS). Mobile banking removes space and time limitations from banking activities such as checking account balances, or transferring money from one account to another. In recent research and studies it was found that while mobile banking and more specifically SMS-based mobile banking applications have become popular in some countries and regions, they were still not widely used.
This study identifies and
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Those that used this service used it only for simple functions like checking account balances. More complicated functions of mobile banking have not been considered.
This proposal consists of three chapters. Chapter one with the introduction that outlines the objectives, emphasizes the importance of the study, and formulates the research questions. Chapter 2 presents findings from a literature review with a focus on the issues and problems found in the research, shows how a research model is derived from the literature review, and briefly reviews the research approach of this study. In Chapter 3, a hybrid approach (using both qualitative and quantitative methods) is applied and discussed in order to develop the research model. Furthermore, it outlines the research process, data collection method and questionnaire.


Some prior work in the area of mobile business models and mobile services including mobile banking, has highlighted some of the more general issues related to the spread of mobile services and the shaping of the mobile business ‘landscape’ (Petrova, 2004; Petrova, 2005; Petrova & Qu, 2006). However, there is a still need to explore factors which influence the use of mobile banking in Tanzania and more specifically, the factors limiting the use of the


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