Car Communication System

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Safety and Security

CAR-2-X Communication for Safety and Infotainment in Europe
Dr. Andreas Festag, Roberto Baldessari, Dr. Wenhui Zhang Dr. Long Le, Amardeo Sarma, Masatoshi Fukukawa
Abstract Vehicular communication based on short-range wireless technology opens up novel applications improving road safety and travel comfort. Ad hoc networking enables a direct communication among cars as well as between cars and road-side communication devices. Geocast is an ad hoc routing scheme which is specifically considered in Europe as a core networking concept for future CAR-2-X systems. It provides wireless multi-hop communication and allows for geographical addressing and routing. This paper describes advanced concepts and mechanisms to deploy
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Geocast supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication. The latter case can be regarded as group communication, where the endpoints are inside of a geographical region. Core protocol components of Geocast are beaconing, a location service, and forwarding. With beaconing, nodes periodically broadcast short packets with their ID, current geographical position, speed and heading. On reception of a beacon, a node stores the information in its location table. The location service resolves a node’s ID to its current position. When a node needs to know another node’s position that is currently not available in its location table, it issues a location query message with the sought node ID, sequence number and hop limit. Neighboring nodes rebroadcast this message until it reaches the sought node (or the hop limit). If the request is not a duplicate, the sought node answers with a location reply message carrying its current position and a timestamp. On reception of the location reply, the originating node updates its location table. Forwarding basically means relaying a packet towards the destination. But the most innovative method for distribution of information enabled by geographical routing is the addressing of geographical areas as target of data packets. In practice a vehicle can select and specify a well delimited


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