Digital Media and Society

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Digital Media and Society
Week 1
What this class is about… * Humans exchanging meaning * Through messages, by innovating using devices originally intended for corporate and government data management... computers * The debates about emerging media * How these debates are important to you profession development * You are a… knowledge worker
Field labels * New communication technology * New media * Digital media
Article: how is work changing?
* Information in a binary electronic form * Manipulable * Digital information is easily changeable and adaptable at all stages of creation, storage, delivery and use * Networkable * Digital information
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e-books having animated page turns, print booked get embedded sound
Principle 2: Metamorphosis * New media do not arise spontaneously and independently * New media emerge, the older forms tend to adapt and continue to evolve rather then die * Example: Youtube begins “broadcasting”
Principle 3: Propagation * Emerging communication media propagate dominant traits from earlier forms * These traits are passed on and spread through communicatory codes called languages * Example: advertising support
Principle 4: survival * All forms of communication media, as well as media enterprises, are compelled to adapt and evolve for survival in a changing environment * The only other option is to


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