Mcdonald's International Marketing Analysis

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MKTG 4400A

McDonald’s Corporation:
International Marketing Analysis

For: Professor Y. Pan
Date: December 18, 2010
By: Saber Kanwar (209093337)

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
McDonald’s Corporation currently markets its products across its 8 geographic segments through customizing its food items to suit local tastes and preferences. Furthermore, all advertisements are shot in 12 different languages, featuring the customized products catered to each region. However, the company’s international motto, “I’m Lovin’ it”, is not translated. McDonald’s locates all of its franchises in convenience locations such as malls, airports and local neighbourhoods.

These marketing strategies have proven to be effective, indicated by
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As a result McDonald’s introduced its chicken, lamb and fish burgers to suit Indians. Also, 40% of India’s population are vegetarians. McDonald’s caters to this segment by offering a complete line of vegan sections in its menu. This includes the McVeggie Burger and McAlooTikki. b) Switzerland: The country consists of a German, French and Italian make up (appendix 1). As a result McDonald’s has developed 3 burgers that each have been given a German, French and Italian name. The ingredients of each burger also include those popular to each German, French and Italian speaking region. For example, the McRomandie consists of Kaltback-brand Gruyere cheese and Pailasse Bread, which is popular in the Romandy, French speaking region. c) Japan: Seafood is popular, thus McDonald’s offers a shrimp burger and shrimp nuggets. They also offer Green Tea flavoured smoothies given the popularity of Green Tea among Japanese consumers. d) Hong Kong: In this part of the world a popular dish is rice. In order to cater to this market, McDonald’s has introduced Rice Burgers on the menu. These are burgers that are not in between buns but rather two patties of glutinous rice (appendix 3).


Hong Kong



Furthermore, the company maintains an international motto “I’m Lovin it” in all of its geographic segments around the world. McDonald’s decided to pursue this marketing strategy


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