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BUS 130
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Part 1 II. Micro environment Description: A. Market B. Customers C. Competitors D. Distribution III. Macro environment Description: A. Demographic B. Economic C. Ecological D. Technology E. Political/Legal F. Cultural
Part 2 IV. Additional Application of Core Marketing Concepts V. Appendix VI. Reference

As an international student who is studying abroad in the US, fast food is one of my new favorite meals because it saves time and has cheap price. I am not the only one who loves fast food, American and people all over the
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The sources that used to be considered as unlimited supply today become precious so the producers need to find another one to replace them. For example: McDonald’s used recycled paper to wrap their food to decrease the cut of forest. The second concern is energy costs. As the amount of nonrenewable resources such as coal or oil become smaller, their cost increase. This leads to the increase in other costs, for example, transportation. The fast food industry has to find other replacements to decrease the cost. The third concern is pollution. Today, companies that have high awareness on environment leave better impression on customers. For example: McDonald’s change their polystyrene boxes to recycled paper to become environmentally friendly packaging. The customers tend to prefer product that has less effect on the environment. [6] Technology has a huge impact in every industry, fast food industry also is not an exception. If the organizations do not want to fall behind in the competition, they have to follow up with the change in technology. They should increase the regulation. For example: McDonald’s install a machine called EFTPOS in their store to increase the value of the experience for the customers. [7] The marketers’ decisions are affected by political environment. For example: business regulations, GST (Goods and Services tax) also affects on fast food industry because the price of fast food increase while other food products are the same. There are three