Analysis McDonald’s Franchise in Viet Nam

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Individual Assignment Analysis McDonald’s Franchise in Viet Nam

Name: Le Quang Hieu
ID student: BA60114
Class: BA0662
Lecturer: Nguyen Quoc Cuong
Subject: Entrepreneurial Small Business

Table of contents

I. McDonald’s background
1. History
2. Mission and Vision
3. Business objective
II. SWOT analysis
III. Advantage and disadvantage of MacDonald franchise
IV. Investment decision
V. Summary
VI. References

I. Background of MacDonald
I.1. History
McDonalds’s is a business corporation system of fast food restaurants with approximately 31,000 restaurants in 119 countries to serve 43 million passengers a day under its own brand. The McDonalds’s restaurant concept was
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First of all, fast food has become part of daily life of young people, because of the speed of urbanization increase rapidly, consumer demand enhances, qualities of life are also stability, and it ensures that piece of fast food market constantly enlarged. Surveyed fast-food industry made by Nielsen Vietnam in 2010 shows that 86% of consumer this product under the ages of 20-35. So as a latecomer, McDonalds’s will also benefit from the achievement that KFC has efforts to build fast food habits for the Vietnamese.
McDonalds’s will not meet too many difficulties to complete a supply chain standards system for their restaurant in Vietnam, because the domestic producers now have plenty of experience coordinating with system fast food before. In additions, Food Culture of McDonalds’s has existed in 118 countries around the world so convincing taste of Vietnam is probably not too difficult problem for this giant.
About Place, the latecomer these positions favorable are occupied, but beautiful place to McDonalds’s developing restaurant will not too scare if they active spending. Besides that, infrastructure in Viet Nam are developing, system buildings, supermarkets and modern commercial centers are rising steadily, and trend urbanization has created more beautiful space for fast food chain in Vietnam.
GDP per capita is currently at 1,500 USD / year is low compared with the other area, but look at GDP per capita in two biggest cities Hanoi and Ho