Policies, Processes, and Methods of Operations Management at Harley-Davidson Motor Company

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Policies, Processes, and Methods of Operations Management at Harley-Davidson Motor Company
September, 2012

Introduction The role of operations management (OM) requires a great deal of responsibility. No matter the size or type of business, the technique and knowledge applied by an operations manager when planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling, can make or break a company (Heizer & Render, 2011). Harley-Davidson Motor Company is a prime example of a goods producing organization with a history of unstable performance and successful achievements all affected by OM role. The following paper is an overview pertaining to policies, processes, and methods of OM at Harley-Davidson and acknowledgment of how todays’ OM
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Aside from an all-encompassing brand and culture, Harley-Davidson creates value by implementing exceptional product quality, unique product features, and high quality service or elements people are willing to pay more for.
Global Business Strategy Harley-Davidson has answered a call to global competitiveness by stretching its reach to Brazil, Asia, India and Australia. Although full production is not overseas yet, HD competitively markets highly demanded American-made units through CKD or completely-knocked-down assembly plants. The CKD assembly facilities located in Brazil and India allow HD to avoid high import tariffs and lower prices on motorcycles by 20-25 per cent therefore effectively going up against foreign competition (Miller, 2012). As for China, Japan, and Australia, each region still imports HD motorcycles via CBU (completely-built-unit) dealerships.
The Asia Pacific market. Asia has become a primary region of focus for numerous global-minded companies. In 2001, the HD Asia Pacific headquarters opened in Singapore, securing Harley’s commitment to growing its Asian market. In 2010 alone, the Asia Pacific region accounted for 9.4% of total sales making it critical for all functions of development and support including sales, marketing, and dealer development to be represented in its new headquarters (Harley-Davidson Motor Company, 2011).


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