Hrm587 Part 4- (Communicating the Change- Due Week 6

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Part B: Press Release Communication
McDonald's USA Helping to Fight Obesity

OAK BROOK, IL, October 9, 2012 - McDonald's on going commitment to offer healthier menu options

McDonald’s has always been committed to providing great tasting and affordable menu items.

We are also committed to making a difference in our communities with our new health and wellness directives.

McDonald’s has worked very hard in developing ways to do our part to help fight obesity. We have assembled Global Advisory Council to help guide us. The Council is comprised of international independent nutritional experts. With their ongoing guidance, we have been prepared a widespread promotional plan to incorporate nutritional
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The website also challenges kids to track active play achievements and win awards and trips 3. The champions of food challenge kids and parents to send in recipe ideas for McDonald’s nutritional menu items and the five finalists get to participate in a cook off at the Olympics 4. McDonald’s recycle commitments and the recycle and reuse of the building material and furniture from the Olympic restaurants

The timing and the type of communication selected was very good. They chose the Olympics to bring attention to their health and wellness change marketing plan. They were able to reach a diverse group of people and inform them of ways they can participate in the change plan. This niche was innovative in that McDonald’s was able to challenge its customers to engage in the change process. Its customers are the most important stakeholder. Now it has the involvement of diverse multicultural stakeholders, which will give them an advantage in knowing what the consumer needs and wants.

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