McFit Marketing Strategy Plan

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McFit Marketing Strategy Plan
December 19, 2012

Selling protein shakes is a very viable business in today’s day and age due to many individuals becoming more health conscious. In the effort to live healthier lifestyles as it pertains to an individual’s diet, it is important to be consistent with incorporating the proper nutrients, vitamins, and protein. One problem that is evident when it comes to eating healthy is the time that it takes to prepare meals that are balanced and healthy. Recently McDonalds have begun to make healthier options
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Muscle Milk RTD is an ideal nutritional choice whether you are a performance athlete, or on a diet or simply desire to maintain lean muscle mass (CytoSport, 2012). These are delicious, healthy shakes made fresh to order with Muscle Milk Naturals powder. Each shake can be made with water, milk or juice depending on the customer’s preference. Flavors are Natural Vanilla, Real Strawberry, and Real Chocolate. This formula contains zero artificial sweeteners or flavors and has Lo Han Fruit Extract and Stevia as natural sweeteners. Another option for customers is to have shakes made with Muscle Milk Light. Muscle Milk Light has 35% fewer calories; however, is not lactose or gluten free. Muscle Milk Light supplies low lactose nutrition and also comes in appealing flavors.
McDonald’s marketing segment aims at pleasing children, youth, and young urban families (Ceneb Theme Lab, 2012). While McDonald’s continues to target that demographic, they are losing individuals who would enjoy eating there if products were more nutritious. For many, protein shakes are great but going to McDonald’s to get one is not currently an option. McDonald’s existing drinks do not meet the requirements of health enthusiasts, but McDonald’s does offer easy access and a good delivery system. The protein shake would help change McDonald’s image from not just fast food but also healthy food for all life