Quality Management Assignment 3

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1. A) Assume that you are siding with the VP of operations, and list the arguments for implementing TQM Total quality management provides a solution for Reliance Control Systems because it is an organization-wide effort to improve the quality and success of a company. It is focused on continuously improving the organizations ability to design, produce and deliver higher quality products and services (Kelchner & Demand, n.d.). It is essentially a comprehensive system that encompasses the various aspects that make up a business, such as, all departments, employees, suppliers and the customers. This is very important because this approach to quality management does not limit itself to specific functional areas making it increasingly more …show more content…
It is important to note that this particular benefit of adopting the ISO 9000 system and certification often takes longer to occur as the internal results have to occur before external results can emerge (Chang &, Lo). In conclusion, a manufacturing company such as Reliance Control Systems will experience an improvement in product and system quality as a result of a well-developed, implemented and maintained ISO 9000 system. This is because the system is designed to identify and correct flaws in the management and production processes for continual improvement (Hoyle, 2010). As a result of the improvement in quality, customer satisfaction, and the association of the ISO 9000 standard a company can enhance its marketing position from competitors, giving the company a competitive edge. This is an excellent solution for the organization as improved competitiveness which is their current goal, while still providing the company with additional benefits.

C) You have heard both sets of arguments, and you believe there might be a third approach that could satisfy both fractions. What would you propose? A third approach that Reliance Control Systems could take is to implement both total quality management and ISO 9000. This is possible because “ISO 9000 is compatible with, and can be a subset of,


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