Operations Management

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Operations Management Project
Ashwin Nandakumar, Mishel Chakkalakal,, Mithun Chacko and Shalwin D’souza
Prof. Dr. Kaup Mohammed
Operations Management
Madonna University

March 2011

Table of Content

Pret A Manger – by Mithun Chacko 3

Acme Whistles vs. Pret A Manger – by Mithun Chacko 5

Touchwood & Subway Vs. IKEA & Pret A Manger – by Shalwin D’souza 6

Chilis McDonald’s & Baskin Robbins – by Mishel Chakkalakal 9

McDonald’s Newspaper Review – by Ashwin Nandakumar 13

Pret A Manger – by Mithun Chacko

1) Read the short case on Pret A Manger and (a) identify the process in a typical Pret A Manger Shop together with their inputs and outputs, (b) Pret A Manger also supplies
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Pret A Manger came into existence in the recent past in the year 1986 which gives them roughly 25 years of operational experience. Acme Whistles on the other hand was set up more than a century ago, back in 1870. They slowly emerged up, dominating the market into being the most renowned whistle company in the world. Therefore, in terms of market experience Acme Whistles dominate over Pret A Manger as they have more than 100+ years’ market experience.
In terms of production costs, Pret A Manger has to incur the most as they do not believe in centralizing their production. Since Pret A Manger believes in offering food which is free from obscure chemicals, preservatives and additives that are common ingredients of the popular 'fast' food available in the market today they have to set up kitchens in every outlet and as such their investment expenses would be very high. Acme Whistles, on the other hand, follows the concept of centralized production. As they are not producing food or organic products, they can centralize their production to one place or factory and later post production export finished product in bulk to their target markets.
Pret A Manger has to buy raw materials such as fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis and should try to consume maximum possible within the day.


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