Mcdonald's Ethical Issues

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From what we have read and interpreted from the case, the main issue is the ethical criticism of the fast food giant, McDonald, in Europe. By referring to the case, the organizational ethical issues which are filled around McDonald consist of food health, ill-treatment of animals, exploitation of children, and destruction of rainforests. Besides, anti-globalization, anti-American, anti-McDonald’s activism, and Europe governments had also been the concerns and ethical challenges for the fast food giant.
First of all, we will touch the field of food health. In this situation, McDonald’s as the world’s leading fast food company has inevitably been first in the firing line. The problem in obesity and health eating has confronted the
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One of the examples which can best explain such sayings is the story of Bove, a French sheep farmer and union leader. This ‘McHero’ became a folk hero as he held a campaign to defend small, local producers to stop the intrusion of the American multinational company. Another issue that we can talk about is the McLibel story which has been the legendary law trial in UK. Not only in Europe, the company has been facing the same problems at the rest of the world since the numbers of anti-globalization protesters was on the rise after millennium. The above occasions can be related with the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the United States forces that makes the anti-American feeling to grow among the international. Thus, this issue should be a critical concern for the big-Mac.

Criticizes / Comments
Based on the analysis, as a fast-food giant in the international market, the company should be more responsible in their production of food. It should concern about the nutrition in their burgers, fries, and beverages. As most of their customers are young teenagers and children, health issue can be the major factor in determining its business future. From the case, McDonald was irresponsible in delivering their nutrition information to their customers. They give insufficient knowledge about their food. Thus, such actions lead to the unhealthy food choice by the youngster. Moreover, the misuse of the advertisement in exploiting the children is also an action that


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