Sample Marketing Plan on V Energy Drink

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Assignment in Relationship Marketing

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Early next year, Frucor will introduce the number one energy drink in Australia which is the V energy Drink into New Zealand market. It is something particularly different in the cold drink market, with a distinct green bottle and can. It will serve as a contrast against other caffeinated cold drinks that are on the market. The main ingredient of the product is the ‘guarana’, which is very popular worldwide for having a stimulating effect on mind and body. The company will be facing intense competition. The V energy drink will be competing against strong energy drinks competitors such as Red bull, Mother, Demon, Lift
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If V energy drinks will introduce or export their product in a new country, a possibility of an increase in price since they have to change the labelling of the products. If the government will imposed health and safety restrictions on the amount of energy drinks that should be consumed, health is also a major barrier; some people say they don’t drink energy drinks because they’re unhealthy and because of its caffeine content. V energy drink target segment will be men and women ages 16-40, who are situated in the city as they are likely to be really busy and tired. Hardworking young professionals with active lifestyles who want to be awake during their working hours, athletes who want to accelerate their performance or to regain their strength after a competition, and university students who don’t want to be lagging in their lessons. Target markets are dairies near universities, convenience stores along the street, gasoline stations and supermarkets. Those who are tired, stressed and with exhausted need something to keep going in their daily activities. V energy drink will marketed through association with extreme sports and music to students, young professionals, and athletes. Students are mostly active on night parties and some are also doing night shift in their part time jobs so they need energy for the school activities. Young professional doing morning shifts needed to


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