5. Based on Your Response to Question 4 Above, Recommend Both a Short-Range and Long-Range Plan for Mcdonald’s to Implement.

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. How should McDonald's respond when ads promoting healthy lifestyles featuring Ronald McDonald are equated with Joe camel and cigarette ads? Should McDonalds's eliminate Ronald McDonald in its ads?

Eliminating Ronald McDonald, who is the brand mascot, is not the solution. Rather many people connect with Ronald McDonald emotionally. According to a survey, Ronald is among top 25 mascots of all times. (Top survey, 2007) Ronald McDonalds can visit to schools for educating students about the importance of health and a healthy lifestyle. This will have the positive image of the mascot and further, Ronald McDonald could involve in charities where the mascot can be seen in giving charities to the unfortunate children. All the above would help
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2. McDonald launched healthy additions to the menu with important nutritional values like all white meat chicken selects and fruit bag.
3. In U.K McDonald did not have loyal customers, for example frequent users did not like to admit to friends that they ate at McDonald in U.K. McDonald can attain loyal customers by introducing locality represented products and frequently conduct loyalty programs in various places.
4. The market place and market size of McDonald is not strong in U.K. Establish strong market position by introducing modified products with low cholesterol and concentration on differentiation products, and market size increasing by strongly implement to market penetration strategy.
5. McDonald’s U.K launched an advertisement campaign aimed at kids featuring McDonald and government banned it. McDonald should remove Ronald McDonald from the advertisement campaign, because McDonald should recognize restricted law and keep away from big issues.
5. Based on your response to Question 4, recommend both a short-range and long-range plan for McDonald’s to implement? Short- Range Plan for McDonalds
Promote daily exercise and healthy snack options with use of commercials
Continue expansion of menu items to include healthy alternatives. Elimination of trans fat, more "natural" products, etc.
Recast Ronald McDonald as an "active-lifestyle advocate"
Long-range Plan for


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