Burton Snowboards

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Burton Snowboards
Jake Burton is the founder and owner of world's leading snowboarding company. Since 1977, his company has created snowboarding gear that sets the standards for the rest of the industry. In order to be successful, his motto is to "always focus on the sport and everything else took care of it self."

The Exchange Process at Burton Snowboards Exchange process is when two or more parties' gives something of value to each other to satisfy each party's perceived needs. Exchange process at Burton Snowboards creates a profitable relationship between the company, employees, snowboarding resorts and riders.

Burton Snowboards not only gives quality goods to the riders, they give services as well. They create a relationship with
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There are approximately 63 Method Centers in 9 countries worldwide, teaching thousands of people to snowboard every year. These two programs above has proven that Jake Burton builds its company on a market orientation concept because it focuses on its customers satisfaction.

Customer Relationships at Burton Snowboards

Burton Snowboards connects to it's customer through many ways. The website, www.burton.com, provides much information on snowboarding. It also contains Burton's snowboarding gears, news & events, and links to other site that is under Burton's wings.

The company set up a web community that connects people from all over the world that are interested in the same thing: snowboarding. They set up message boards to get feedback from the customers about their products, therefore getting new ideas from the lovers of the sport themselves. It has a link that provides beginners snowboarders with information and advice so that the love for snowboarding can grow and therefore bringing more customers and more sales to the company. It also has a section that is called Burton TV that features its top riders and teams that share their passion and love for snowboarding.

Burton Snowboards has a toll-free telephone line for its customers. If you call this line, you'll reach a fellow rider who can gives you advice on repairs, maintenance, equipment or even the best rides near you. Burton keeps close to its


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