McDonalds advertising

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McDonald’s and Their Advertising Influence
University of South Florida

Abstract This essay seeks to explain the link between McDonalds advertisement and the effect on the average consumer. McDonalds is one of the most popular fast food chains in the United States and is also criticized for their unhealthy foods. In my analysis I will analyze the history of McDonalds and how their advertising and publicity has affected the public mindset. I will also analyze how their ads and marketing are appealing to their customers. With all of this research I conducted a survey that determined what exactly the consumer see in McDonalds that keeps them coming. I will then analyze the results
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One attractive print ad to some is the one with coupons that the consumer can use to get a cheaper meal. The advertisements are important to drive customers to one of their 33,000 restaurants (Kowitt 2011). The methods in which these ads are delivered are an important step for McDonalds because if they are not deployed correctly they may not reach their intended audience. McDonalds uses several methods to deploy their ads such as TV, Radio, Social Media, Billboards, and Print.

For the purpose of this essay, a survey was conducted with the goal of understanding how McDonalds ads influenced the customer. This survey was given to 30 college students in the form of an online questionnaire. The survey participants consisted of 55% female and 45% male. The questions were simple and asked what kinds of ads they have seen McDonalds use. The entire list of questions can be seen in the appendix as figure 2. These answers from the survey concluded some of my research questions. From the survey, 72.7% of the surveyed audience sees most McDonalds ads on T.V; this data is shown in the graph below and in figure 3 of the appendix.

The next question was how many McDonalds ads that subject has seen in the past thirty days. This question created a diverse set of answers that ranged from 0-30. The next question was what ad appealed to the subject the most, which turned out to be a T.V. advertisement that interested 54% of the subjects. The second most


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