Market Management

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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan of Dunkin’ Donuts
MKTG522 – Marketing Management

Executive Summary
Starting in the spring of 2016, Dunkin’ Donuts will be offering a new version of their coffee. This new product will be iced coffee in a can in the plain, mocha and vanilla flavors. These products will be available in local grocery stores at competitive prices. The plan is to use a penetration strategy to enter the market and obtain customers currently purchasing Starbucks products. There will be different marketing communications available to use such as television, internet and print. As the target market uses technology on a day-to-day basis, internet and television media will be utilized to its maximum potential. It will be
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To attract new customers, Dunkin’ Donuts will create a message that demonstrates the product value: “The summers don’t have to be hot anymore. With Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee, it can keep you cool while having a good time”.
This new product will penetrate the market with competitive prices and the package design will demonstrate the value of its iced coffee to the current and new customers.
The message of iced coffee will be delivered through internet such as the company website and company apps. The franchises will be offering discounts and free samples for attracting new customers and retaining the current ones. Dunkin’ Donuts will also advertise on television in English and Spanish commercials as the new drink for hot summers and it will be offered in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large.
Retain existing customers
The current customers perceive Dunkin’ Donuts as selling hot coffee products and baked goods in the franchise stores. These stores have provided a coffee business that for years has been serving the community with great products. Dunkin’ Donuts is growing gaining the coffee market with transparency and passion for what they do. They have faithful customers that are part of the family business and it has helped them not only to spread the word among others, but also has given feedback improving the customer service and products to better serve the clients.
Some strategies to retain the current customers are: E-mail


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