Strategic Report of Samsung Mobile Uk

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1. Abstract
Samsung is best known as one of the world’s biggest sellers of smart TVs, it is also the world’s second biggest handset seller after Nokia. To explore Samsung’s success this report develops a theoretical framework for analyzing their strategies in UK market, it first explores the external conditions for Samsung Company and their competitors. A major part of the report is devoted to analyzing Samsung’s resent strategies and perceiving the strategic issue they have. The strategy suggestion is applied in the last past of the report to solve the strategic issue.

2. Samsung’s Mission and Vision
Samsung mobile’s vision is guided by a extraordinary vision that to lead the digital convergence movement. Samsung believe that
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Holly, Gartner (August 2009).

3.3. Porter’s Five Forces
Porter’s five forces framework helps the marketer to determine the competitive environment. It often tends to focus on the single business rather than a single product or range of products. Samsung mobile used Porter's five forces framework when making a qualitative evaluation of a firm's strategic position and reinforcing attractiveness of a market. Five forces analysis looks at the following five key areas. Source: Mark R. Kramer 2006, “Strategy and Society”

The threat of potential new entrants:
Due to high capital required to enter into mobile industry which needed large investment on technology, distribution, service outlets and plant, and difficulty for customers in switching cost when they are satisfied with their current product, therefore Samsung mobile has to spend a lot on branding and customer knowledge when it launch a new phone, and the threat of potential new entrants is high.
The bargaining power of buyers:
In the mobile industry buyers can easily switch cost with the increasing choices of mobile companies and most of products are quite similar to each other that lead to buyers switch to


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