Apache Case

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Executive Summary
Oil & Gas Industry Analysis
Apache Managing Risk Analysis
Porter 5 Forces Model

Executive Summary
Apache Corporation is one of the world largest independent energy companies in the world, and is headquartered in Houston, TX. Apache has gas exploration and production company with operations in six countries, divided into seven operating regions which are Canada, Egypt, Australia, offshore the United Kingdom in the North Sea and Argentina and also to include the United States. Apache was formed in 1954 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Truman Anderson, Raymond Plank, and Charles Arnao.

In 1956, Apache was one of the first
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Oil and natural gas are commodities and that causes buyers of this industry product to always search for the cheaper products. One of Apache’s main objectives is to maintain efficient and low cost production. Apache, like the industry, depends heavily on the current price of oil and gas for profits. Being commodities, oil and gas are subject to severe price volatility. This has lead firms in the industry to engage in hedging activities to protect themselves against price fluctuations, and also exchange rate risks when converting foreign money back to U.S. dollars.

The oil and gas business is extremely risky. All companies have a limited oil and gas reserve life, and must find economical new reserves in order to continue in business. Furthermore, no western oil or gas company has any control over the price of their product, and in the case of oil, must contend with a foreign cartel that has different objectives than public companies. Large scale oil fields are extremely rare and are now most likely to be found in deep ocean or


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