External and Internal Environments

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In researching an industry for this assignment I chose the sporting goods industry that is a major industry with over $3 billion in sales per year. Within that industry I chose a company that I am familiar with “The Adidas Group.” The Adidas group is a publically traded company in Europe and with globalization it has increased its shares in the market. Adidas being traded on the European market is what we call an overnight stock. These stocks are traded at night here in the United States and open after the New York Stock Exchange closes at 4:00 PM eastern time.
I will choose two segments of the general environment business factors that I feel influence this company and the industry to assess how they affect both Adidas
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Product: We find better ways to create our products – mainly through innovation, increased use of more sustainable materials and efficiencies. Planet: We reduce the environmental footprint of both our own operations and our suppliers’ factories. Partnership: We engage with critical stakeholders and collaborate with partners to improve our industry. Which goes into the sociocultural aspect of understanding the societal changes and reforms, keeping informed of the newest trends while trying to create their own, and fostering a companionship with the communities in which they operate.
The global element is that sports have no boundaries. We have the Olympics, the World Games and basic sports and competition on all continents. With the different cultural and institutional attributes of these countries, the need for sporting goods does not change. Every team needs equipment and this industry supplies that need. The Adidas Group itself is a European traded company with large influence in the United States, Asia, Africa, and South America. This is done through marketing and the industry through various sports, more especially Futbol or Soccer (as it is known in the U.S.). The international ad campaigns and world stars that they sign to endorse their products make them a sporting goods giant.

Choose two of the five forces of competition model that you estimate are the most significant for Adidas Group and evaluate how they have addressed them in the recent past.


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