Long Term Care Options

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Long Term Care Options: Paper 1

Don and Mary Long term health care and end of life care is a reality that is usually inevitable. “Research shows that at least 70 percent of people over 65 will need long term care services at some point in their lifetime” (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 2012). There are many decisions that people must make in the event. Don and Mary are a married couple who have to make that decision. Don and Mary served together in the military. After the military they both made careers for themselves. Now they are retired and enjoying life traveling and spending time with family. However, now Mary has developed a disease called Alzheimer’s that has left her with a limited memory and sundowner’s syndrome.
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Army during the Korean Conflict. The Veterans Administration offers living facilities to include nursing homes for veterans. “Veterans with dementia, those in need of short-term rehabilitation, and those in need of end-of-life care are also taken care of in these centers” (McSweeney-Feld & Oetjen, 2012, 32). Don and Mary’s military service can very well pay for their care as well. Don qualifies for what is called the Housebound program. This program is for those who have physical limitations but are also able to think for themselves and still live a semi-independent life. Mary qualifies for the Aid and Attendance Special Pension. This program is for those who have either mental issues or are physically impaired and need daily, possible around the clock assistance.
Don and Mary have options in long term care but they are also limited. The couple did not plan for the unexpected. They received pensions and have a savings but did not calculate how much it would cost in unexpected events. Don and Mary could have made their situation better if they would have planned, such as buying long term care insurance. They could have also been more financially stable if they did not spend their money loosely in their retirement years on vacations and around the world trips.
My Plan To plan for the possibility of long term care, I will set myself up so that hopefully I will have many options. The first step is setting up a


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