Inventory Management

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Week 6 Research Paper Journal-Gallerick
Upper Iowa University
Joshua Gallerick
BA 567: Quality Management and Productivity

Quality management is a key ingredient for competitive success. Firms strive for sustainable relative quality advantage to differentiate themselves from their competition (Talha, 2004). Intel’s quality management is the cornerstone of competitive advantage. Intel uses quality management practices to lead to superior quality outcomes and increased quality performance that appear to be founded from Deming’s 14 points philosophy.
Intel Corporation is based in Santa Clara, California, is a global leader in silicon innovation, developing technologies, products, and initiatives to continually advance how people work and
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It provides the organization with focused direction, high level goals and objectives for quality management. The quality policy establishes the framework and guidance for Intel’s quality management system. Intel’s quality management system is responsible for carrying out the remaining twelve of Deming’s points. The Intel QMS ensures that quality is addressed at all operation levels including product development, supply chain, materials quality, and manufacturing.
Quality Management System Intel quality management system focuses on customer satisfaction. To ensure the customer is presented with a quality product Intel has built a quality system that continuously works to improve its quality control by controlling quality from the beginning of the supply chain all the way to the customer. Management roles have been redefined and streamlined to make the factory improvement process complete (Intel, 2013). Intel’s QMS promotes customer focus, clear management responsibility, a process approach to doing work, and continuous improvement of the system (Intel 2013). Intel’s QMS is a total quality management philosophy that uses Six Sigma, ISO 9000, SPC, and supplier quality management to continuously improve quality (Intel, 2013)
Total Quality Management
Intel’s quality management system is a total quality management system. TQM refers to a broad set of management and control processes designed to focus an entire organization and all of its employees on providing


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