Slowing the Biological Clock

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Slowing the Biological Clock

Team B

BSHS 371

July 23, 2012
Rafael Gomez

Slowing the Biological Clock

The biological clock is an organism’s rhythm that controls the cycle of behaviors that occur on a daily basis. Slowing the biological clock is in reference to the cells that are constantly changing in an individual’s body. A person should take care of his or her body at a young age because the effects of the care will have outcomes as the person ages. There are several contributing factors to speeding up the aging process such as, stress, vitamin and mineral deficiency, or excessive food intakes. Reducing and or limiting these factors can play a major role in how the body continues to age. As an individual age his
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In life getting older or aging is a natural part of life, if an individual have a need to slow down the aging process must look at the consequence to his or her individual health. A long term consequence of slowing down the aging process is heart disease, study have shown that eating a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep can assist in slowing the aging process that allow the body to age naturally. A person’s ability to look younger, or feel better about self can abate the mental, emotional, and physical aspect of growing older. The long term effect on society become how to support the every growing cost of health care, housing, food and to aid the need for long term existed in today’s society. Another long term effect of living longer is the growth in elderly homes, elderly abuse, and disease associated with getting older. Health care cost play a major role in balancing the budget, the government is cutting care to the elderly daily. People are living longer but the effect this practice is having on society cannot be measured by the treatment the elderly are receiving from family, government, and society today. Our genetic age is an outline of how old we are depending on how our bodies perform as we age. Our natural age is an indication of how old he or she looks and feels has the aging process begins. People tend to take advantage of plastic surgery for his or her own personal issue with his or her