Peachtree -Too Far Ahead of the It Curve

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Executive Summary:
To: Max Berndt, CEO Peachtree Healthcare
From: Services Consultant
Date: September 24, 2013

Peachtree’s vision is to ensure a quality, consistent and continuity of care across the entire network of care facilities but to deliver all of this at the highest levels of efficiency, economy, and respect for patients and staff. In order to be competitive in the health industry, Peachtree has obtained a number of varying health institutes via mergers. The concern is the instability of the information system as new facilities are acquired because the system of each institute is kept in service. This is creating a patchwork of incompatible and disconnected systems with the following concerns: • Inefficiencies of the
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o The CIO, Candace Markovich, has a close, positive working relationship with the Max Berndt, CEO and she understands the objectives set out for the company to ensure IT is helping achieve them. o The system is flexible to allow doctors to determine the course of action for their patients.

IT weaknesses: o Unstable IS thus creating reliability and stability concerns o Uncoordinated and no alignment of IS and standards between all the Peachtree Healthcare business segments/facilities.

IT weaknesses (cont’d): o Not effective or efficient use of the IT department resources in maintaining the current IS. o Older physicians may struggle applying sophisticated technology to their day-to-day activities. o Each facility has a doctor-dominated identity and by combining the facilities, there can be a backlash from staff due to changes to the processes, potential increase in physician turnaround, or refusal in using the system as it was intended in order to get the value out of it.

Criteria: o Flexibility: The system needs to allow physicians the room to determine a patient’s treatment plan but standardize other important areas that do not need the same degree of flexibility. An example is the patient records. This criterion is important because Physicians are treating humans and