Company Analysis: Sunrise Senior Living

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Executive Summary

Sunrise Senior Living Inc. is one of the top firms in the rapidly growing long-term care industry. They provided a number of services for senior citizens including assisted living, meals, transportation, housekeeping, and licensed and highly skilled nurses for certain residents who require 24 hour care. The company was started in 1981 in Fairfax, Virginia by married couple Paul and Terry Klaassen who had a vision of creating alternative senior living options that emphasize quality of life. They have started what is now the most recognized company in the industry boasting innovative products and services
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Paul and Terry went on to renovate this nursing home and open up their first location of Sunrise Senior Living. Paul and Terry cared for the residents themselves in their first years of business, but word quickly spread regarding their new successful business. As demand for their services increased, they opened up two more locations in the mid 1980’s. Taking on a similar strategy as they did with the old nursing home, they opened up new locations by renovating older buildings and converting them into warm environments that were fit for caring for senior citizens. By 1987, Paul and Terry opened their first Victorian-style mansion which is now a nationally recognized icon for their company. (Sunrise Senior Living)

As with any successful business or corporation, it all starts with a vision and mission statement which provides direction and purpose. When founding Sunrise Senior Living, Paul and Terry Klaassen wanted to “champion quality of life for seniors in a home-like, resident-centered environment, unlike existing, more institutional options.” Their operating philosophy originates from a deep seated certainty in the method in which they accomplish the most premium quality of care of every individual. These convictions that have served as the foundation for Sunrise Senior Living’s mission statement are now also the foundation for Sunrise’s Principles of Service and Core Values. These


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