Positive and Negative Reinforcements

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Positive and Negative Reinforcements
Agyoly Nunez
Grand Canyon University: SPE-522-0101
August 7th, 2013

Positive and Negative Reinforcements When a child exhibits negative behavior, teachers must try to find methods and strategies that will reduce student failure. Challenging behavior is seen by, students that feel frustrated because they do not understand the task or assignments that must be completed during classroom time, or students that may have a negative home environment where, parents are involved with drugs or have a low income. Every school year teachers are faced with challenging behavior in the classroom. In order to minimize negative behavior and produce desirable behavior teachers use reinforcers that appeal to
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A positive reinforcer is not considered effective or a reinfocer if the environmental events, such as a simile, candy bar, or break does not increase the desired behavior (Reinforcement, 2010). Negative reinforcement is defined as the removal of possible stimulus, which strengthens desired behavior (Reinforcement, 2010). Another definition is the effort to increase the occurrence of a certain behavior by removing undesirable situation (GCU, 2010). An example of negative reinforcement is when a student misbehaves because he or she does not understand an assignment during class, leading the student to feel frustrated (Wheeler, 2010). The student precedes to express his or her frustration by shouting at the teacher, as a result the student is sent to the principles office (Wheeler, 2010). In this situation the student is no longer obligated to complete his or her task because the student has been removed from the classroom. Removing the student from the classroom, motivates the student to take the same course of action the next time he or she feels frustrated with a class assignment because the removal is allowing the student to not deal with the assignment. Negative reinforcement temporally resolves challenging behavior but it does not eliminate the problem over time. It is more effective to wait for the student to claim down, talk to the student about their behavior, and then help the student understand the material he or she is


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