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MGMT 550 Course Project- Business Proposal

The Continuation of Stone Goose Brewery

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Executive Summary

Earlier in this class I had put together a power point presentation to the Board of Directors of
Stone Goose Brewery. Stone Goose has been a very conservative company that had shower consistent growth since it’s inception in 2009. As the CIO of this company, it is my job to look for opportunities to grow this company. An opportunity had come our way to be the sole supplier of micro beer in Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, as well as get into 7 out of the top ten bars surrounding the ball park. It’s a great opportunity for a young company that would see tremendous growth from this expansion alone. The
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So board of Directors I urgently recommend that we make this move. Sometimes aggressive growth can be scary, but if we can follow this plan, and with your support we will become the most successful Micro Brew in the country. Here is what we can expect.

The Result

The result will be phenomenal! The first baseball season alone we can expect our sales to increase 50%. The biggest caveat that could come with this opportunity is brand recognition throughout the Midwest, not to mention the potential to infiltrate other ball parks across the country. That would be a mind blowing expansion that would catapult as one of the top brewery’s in the country. Also this would allow us to minimally add over 50 new jobs to our
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community. The upside of this opportunity is hard to fatham with the commitment that we will put into it with your support.

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The Conclusion

Ladies and Gentlemen I appreciate your time today. As you can tell, I am very passionate about this opportunity. To sum everything up, we have an opportunity to become the biggest
Mircro brew brands in the Midwest, with the opportunity to expand outside the Midwest if everything goes well. I know this goes against our conservative


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