Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan
Keysha Starks
ESL 533N – SEI Advanced Methodologies of Structured English Immersion
January 16, 2013

Resource 2: SIOP Lesson Plan humbley Date: January 16, 2013 Grade/Class/Subject: Kindergarten/ math/ Unit/Theme: Shapes CT Standards: K.G.A.2 Student will be able to correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or overall size
Content Objective(s):
CT.K.3.1.1 Identify objects in the classroom that match examples of the Shapes located on the Love2Learn Wall.

Language Objective(s): -
Student will be able to identify objects that are 2d located around the classroom to match the shapes on the fun wall. Students will identify the following shapes
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Smart board is located at the front of the class where each child will be able to refer to it as they need it. Before student starts task Teacher goes over the task again First place your name on the front of your journalsTeacher then tells the class to write the name of the shape, pick an object, draw the object, and write the sentence. Teacher then has the students repeat after her: name, pick, draw, and write.Now tell desk mate.The teacher does the first one with the students walking around to make sure that each student is following along. Teacher begins with the triangle and tells the students that this should be everyone’s first page. As she models this on the Smart BoardTeachers tell the student to please write triangle on this page and draw a triangle. Teacher asks the students look at our chart. Who can tell me what object are you supposed to draw and call on one of the students who raises their hand with a quiet voice.Teacher instructs the students to draw that object on their paper. (wait time) Now what sentence should you write if you drew a triangle? Call on a student to answer Ask the students who knows what is next? Call on a student (answer) (write)Students should be in groups based on which book they have: Level 1:In these books students will have their word so they have to trace it and lines to help coach them in creating a sentence (Aide if available will assist student or the teacher will sit with this group and assist)Level 2: In these books


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