Health Promotion Community Project Paper

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Health Promotion/Community Health Project and Paper
Focus Group of Forest Park Howard Mohr Community Center
After-School Program
Forest Park, IL

By Susan Reighard
Population Health
Loyola University New Orleans Online
Course Instructor: Dr. Angelique White-Williams
May 2010

Health Promotion/Community Health Project and Paper: Focus Group of Forest Park Howard Mohr Community Center After-School Program, Forest Park, IL The purpose of this paper is to summarize and detail the observations, interventions, and activities performed at the After-School Program held daily at the Howard Mohr Community Center in Forest Park, IL. The activities listed were instituted in order to promote health and prevent disease to the aggregate
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There are multiple “corner pantries”, hardware stores, restaurants, and other local businesses within close proximity throughout the town.
Community Challenges There is a challenge noted of high rates of obesity and lack of public grounds and parks for children to play at and exercise daily. The area is socio-economically depressed with an unemployment rate of 11.4%, (American, 2010). The village currently is struggling with an economic decline that is evidenced by the number of abandoned buildings, homes, and lots. There are numerous “Dollar Stores”, title loan companies, currency exchange stores, and pawn shops noted throughout the community during the Windshield Survey activity. There is a strong connection between poverty and rates of obesity, (Drewnowski & Specter, 2004). The crime index for all crimes in Forest Park is 379.7 which is higher than the national crime index of 320.9, (City Data .Com, 2010). An increase in the rates of poverty and unemployment an area has been shown to result in an increase of crimes in that same area, (US Accountability Office, 2007). With the increase of crime in the area, parents are less likely to allow their children to go outside to play in the neighborhood without direct supervision. This can result in an even greater level of inactivity of the children. Many


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